Free Stocks For Signing-Up

In your search for brokerages to sign up for free stocks, you will realize that the companies/Apps are different upfront. Some of these brokerages have to come up with more enticing offers than others to remain competitive. Also, some of the offers available are out to separate different kinds of investors. For instance, a company whose signing up process requires a deposit will keep away any interest people that are not willing to or don’t have the financial capacity to do it. That said, most of the brokerages are allowing sign-ups for free. Looking at some of the brokerages will give you a glimpse of their diversity. 


Moomoo makes a significant impact in the quest for more investors by its current offer of 8 free stocks for signing up. However, to sign up for Moomoo, a deposit of at least $100 is required. Also, this deposit influences the number of free stocks for signing up you receive. For instance, a deposit of $100 permits you up to 2 stocks which will amount to $200. It’s only a deposit of $1500 that guarantees all eight free stocks.


Dough might take a little longer in time before approving a sign-up but makes up for offering a $10 bonus upon approval of an account. Furthermore, no deposit is required before the sign-up is approved. Learn more about how to get free stocks product on online.

SoFi Invest

SoFi Invest demands a whopping $1000 before accessing the free stocks for signing up. However, its reputation speaks for itself regarding ease of use, plus $50 worth of bonus for signing up isn’t bad after all.


Webull is a popular brokerage due to its advanced features. Also, the free stocks for signing up are found more quickly than other brokerage alternatives. However, this is not before an initial deposit of $100. Webull offers two stocks, with the first one valued from $2.5 to $250 and $8 to $1600 for the second one.

With their diverse offers, all the above brokerages have made available free stocks for signing up.