What Makes Swab Drug Test A Better Choice

Many diagnostic and laboratory tests can be uncomfortable to undergo, especially if they include needle pricks. That is why if given another option, most individuals would go for the painless and non-invasive alternatives. Take drug screening for example. If allowed, most people would choose the swab drug test instead. Get detailed info about drug test kits on this site.

Swab drug test is preferred by many individuals for the following reasons:

  • Aside from not ingesting anything at least 10 minutes before the test and reporting the food and medications which you have taken that may alter the result, there are no other special preparations for the said screening.
  • The screening process is quick, convenient and painless. A sterile swab will be inserted between the lower jaw and cheek and then removed after 3 minutes. That is about it.
  • Swab drug test is cheaper compared to urine and blood drug screening.
  • Specimen does not have to be processed in the laboratory, and you can get the results in just a few minutes after the screening.

Several substances including marijuana, methampethamine, cocaine and opiates can be detected by a swab drug test. Some brands and models allow you to specify the substances you want identified. There are kits that can detect the drugs one has taken in as long as 14 days prior. And while there are those trying to cheat this type of test, they fail to do so as the oral fluid multi-drug screening kit is known to be accurate.

While this type of drug screening is reliable, you have to do your part in ensuring its accuracy. The first priority should be using only authentic kits made by a trusted brand. From swabbing to handling the specimen and transferring it to the strips, administering the swab drug test must also be done properly, regardless of who does it.