Ward Favored

Dancing With The Stars Online Gambling Sees Hines Ward Favored

Hines Ward may get a title this season, it just may not be the one he expected. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver is the betting favorite to win this season’s Dancing with the Stars competition that has only six contestants left.

Ward and his Steelers were in the Super Bowl back in February, and at the time, had Ward been asked about a DWTS title, he may have laughed off the question. After the Steelers lost to Green Bay, however, Ward agreed to be one of the contestants on the popular dancing show.

Ward, following in the footsteps of other athletes that have won DWTS, such as Emmit Smith and Jerry Rice, has vaulted to the top of odds makers’ leader boards. Ward is currently a 5/4 choice to win the competition. If Ward does win, the show may have to soon change its format to keep the athletes out.

Chelsea Kane, another contestant that was not an early favorite, is now the second choice at 11/4. Each week, the odds change depending on the amount of support it appeared the dancers received the week before. Ward and Kane have been receiving rave reviews from the judges on the show.

Lil’ Romeo is still around, and the rapper comes in as the third choice at 5/1. Once considered an early elimination possibility, Romeo has wowed the judges and created a big following across America. Romeo is the only musical artist left in the competition this season.

Kristi Alley, who many analysts believed would just be a token participant on the show, has impressed. Alley is an 8/1 choice, and Kendra Wilkinson is now the long shot at 18/1.

Ralph Macchio, once the favorite, has slipped to the fifth betting choice, with odds of 15/2.

The Stars Gambling

Dancing With The Stars Gambling Continues With Ward Favored

The Dancing with the Stars season is starting to hit the point where the pretenders have been eliminated and fans have taken a liking to their favorite contestant. As the dance floor heated up Monday evening, so did the betting at online sports books.

DWTS has become one of reality competitions that has gamblers guessing each week. Odds makers adjust the betting lines for all of the contestants on a weekly basis, and the lines usually reflect how popular the celebrity is with the fans. This week will be no different, with top dancers again making their mark.

Hines Ward remained the betting favorite at 3/1 going into this week, and nothing he did on the dance floor should change those odds. Ward impressed the judges, and will likely remain the favorite after the eliminations on Tuesday.

The third choice of odds makers this week was Chelsea Kane. After posting the top score of the night, Cane may have done enough to overtake Ward when the new odds are released Tuesday evening. Either way, Ward and Kane will be considered the favorites for much of the rest of the competition.

Kirstie Alley, who had long odds to start the season, has dazzled fans and judges. Alley again impressed last night, even after she lost her shoe during her performance. Alley was the second choice at 4/1, and although she had the third lowest score of the night, Alley has built a strong fan base.

Sugar Ray Leonard has the charisma to win the competition, but has struggled at times with his moves. Leonard again was near the bottom of the pack with his core this week, and with 40/1 odds coming in, Leonard may be the odd man out when the results are revealed later today.

Ralph Macchio may have done the best of any performer when it comes to saving themselves this week. Macchio, a 5.5/1 choice, finished third in the scoring, behind Kane and Ward. That should be enough to keep him in the competition for another round.